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Social Media Services

Set Up
Your business will be set up on the most appropriate social network based on your needs. Includes customised backgrounds, landing pages, profile pictures and custom tabs where appropriate.

A 12 month editorial calendar is created and we keep your social network site fresh, authentically posting regular updates. Your account is monitored and enquiries are responded to daily.

Avoid the risk of having your account shutdown or penalised and run your competitions the right way. We can source and set up suitable applications to run your competitions effectively and correctly.

Need help understanding the basics? Try our one on one coaching services. Purchase ‘coaching time’ to help you set up your accounts, learn how to use Facebook, create and implement advertising plus more.

To start the conversation confidently with your customers, contact us! 

Marketing Services

Marketing Plans
Tell us your goals and aspirations for your business and we’ll work with you to put a strategy in place to achieve them. We work within your allocated budget and set out a variety of different marketing techniques to effectively communicate your key points of difference. We look at promotions, advertising (both traditional and social media), communication strategies and customer service.

Marketing Hours
Once you have a plan in place you can purchase ‘marketing hours’ on a fortnightly or monthly basis to implement your marketing plan. We ensure that the promotions, advertising, communications and customer service strategies are applied successfully. Once complete we can hand over the maintenance to you with full procedure manuals or continue buying ‘marketing hours’ regularly.